BUD’s Small Show series with JÖNSSI! 4.9.-29.10.2020

A mix of pieces from Jouko’s renowned and celebrated Urban Youth and Young Heroes series. Jouko had a rare talent to capture Finnish youngsters and subcultures in an honest, accepting and un-embellished way. He called his pictures his children: “They will live after I’m gone. In their own silent way, they will tell what was[…]

Stories behind pictures

Unfortunately available only in Finnish language

Valokuvaaja Jouko Lehtola teki näkyviksi sekä teinit että muunsukupuoliset

Unfortunately available only in Finnish language

The first Jouko Lehtola Foundation’s Young Hero grant was given to Joel Karppanen

Jouko Lehtolan Säätiön ensimmäinen Nuori sankari-palkinnon saaja on 23-vuotias itseoppinut oululaiskuvaaja Joel Karppanen.

No Mercy (Kehrer) ISBN 978-3-86828-437-9


“Capturing Fleeting Moments Of Finnish Youth” in Dazed Magazine (2015)

“I try to capture innocence and rage. Anyone who has been a teenager knows it ain’t fun.”

Funding Young Documentary Photographers Through the Work of Jouko Lehtola – Vice Sweden (2014)

“Here are some of our favourite photographs of his from the series Young Heroes.”

Lehtolan Tyttö – blogikirjoitus märkäpaitaisesta tytöstä laiturilla LILYssä (2013)

Unfortunately available only in Finnish language


Script and direction Riitta Riihonen, shooting Jan Nyman, recording Tomi Kolistaja, editing Tuomo Leino, music Jiri Kuronen, producer Långfilm Productions Mats Långbacka.

“REMEMBERING JOUKO LEHTOLA” in Vice Magazine (2010)

“Our favorite Finnish photographer, Jouko Lehtola, passed away last week. He shot the most honest and stunning portrayal of Finnish youth we’ve ever seen, and had that rare ability to create a special energy between himself and his subjects, and then capture the moment perfectly.”

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